Last lesson we asked if you would consider this question:
Who Has A computer? Who has used works word processor?
LETS START A BLANK DOCUMENT PAGE FOR THIS STUDY. Put all other knowledge you know of the Holy Sirit in MEMORY for future USE AND REFERRANCE. Name the blank document this study and let's start from the beginning, many of your questions will be answered as we continue the study but Mr. Graham wants us to start at the beginning step by step, BABY STEPS AS WE ARE JUST LEARNING TO WALK.

Lesson 1: was Man's Cry God's Gift: Forgiveness & Goodness     
Lesson 2:Who Is The Holy Spirit ?: (Reference page 17)
Many Christians are asking questions about the Holy Spirit and deserve biblical answers. For example: What is baptism of the Holy Spirit? When does it take place? Is speaking in tongues possible or necessary today? Is there an experience called a second blessing?  Do you  have many more questions you would like answered?  May I ask you this question? If you have and electrical appliance and do not know the source that powers it will it work even if you pray over it? You need to know the source and PLUG IT IN. Let us look at the source of power God provided to us for power in our walk with Jesus. To start our study, we need to ask a critical question at the VERY BEGINNING: WHO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT? Let us look at these truths from the Bible.
The Holy Spirit is a person:
2A) The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is a person. Jesus never referred to "it" when He was talking about the Holy Spirit. Please someone read John 14:15,25<>15:26<> 16:13. For example, Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit as "HE" because He is not a force or thing but a person. Whoever speaks of the Holy Spirit as "it" is uninstructed, or perhaps even undiscerning.
3) We see from the Bible that the Holy Spirit has intellect, emotions, and will. In addition to this, the Bible also ascribes to Him the acts we would expect of someone who was not just a force, but a real person. May I ask you this question, if you are filled with the Holy Spirit and ministering to someone is the Holy Spirit a person through you? Let us look at the book for scriptures on page 17.
3A) HE SPEAKS: Rev. 2:7, Acts 13:2   3B) HE INTERCEDES: Rom. 8:26     3C)   HE TESTIFIES: John 15:26, Acts:8:29     3D) HE LEADS: Acts 8:29, Rom.8:14    3E) HE COMMANDS: Acts 16: 6,7 (Reference page 18)
HE GUIDES: John 16:13    3G) HE APPOINTS: Acts 20:28 3H) HE CAN BE LIED TO: ( But God will not be mocked) Acts 5:3,4
3I)  HE CAN BE INSULTED: Heb.10:29   3J)  HE CAN BE BLASPHEMED: Matt.12:31,32    3K) HE CAN BE GRIEVED: Eph. 4:30.( Toney's testimony) off sick woman in comma.
4) The Holy Spirit Is A Devine Person: He Is God:
Each of the EMOTIONS and acts we have listed are characteristics of a person. The Holy Sprit is not a force, like gravity or magnetism, He is a person, with all the attributes of personality. But not only is He a person; HE IS DIVINE AS WELL.
4A) Throughout the Bible it is clear that the Holy Spirit is GOD Himself. This is seen in the attributes which are given to the Holy Spirit in Scripture, for example. Without exception these attributes are those of GOD Himself. Let us look on page 19 for scriptures to read. (Reference page 19)
        4B) HE IS ETERNAL: Heb 9:14, HE IS ALL- POWERFUL: Luke 1:35, HE IS EVERYWHERE PRESENT: Ps. 139:7  HE IS ALL-KNOWING: 1 Cor. 2:10,11, THE HOLY SPITIT IS CALLED GOD Acts 5:3,4, 2 Cor. 3:18, HE IS CREATOR, Genisis 1:2, Col.1:16,17,
4C) Thus God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit were together creating the world. To understand and accept these facts is of the greatest importance to every Christian, both theological and practical. Ephesians 4:4, There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of calling.
                    (Reference page 20)
The usual placement of the three persons of the Trinity in the New Testament has to do with their order and function. Thus we say that we pray to the Father through the Son and in the power of the Holy Spirit. We have been shown that functionally the Father came first, then the Son became incarnate, died, and rose again. Now the Spirit does His work in this age of the Spirit. The order has nothing to do with equality, but only with function and chronology. (Reference page 21)
               5A) As we have seen concerning creation, even from the beginning God gives us a glimpses of truth that the Godhead consists of more than one person. Genesis 1:26, God said," let Us make man in Our image according to our likeness," Genesis 3:22.
(Reference page 22)
The last command of Jesus before His ascension is recorded in  Matthew 28: 18-20. In it He ordered His followers to make disciples of all the nations, baptizing converts in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Heb. 13:5, HE will never leave you. (Reference page 23)
6) SUMMARY: There is nothing that God is that the Holy Spirit is not. Plug into these truths and turn on the power of the Holy Spirit to help us with our Life Controlling problems and have victory and give all the credit to GOD, Amen?


1). Thought: If you are filled with the Holy Spirit and ministering to someone are you the Holy Spirit in the flesh? A thought to ask yourself, do you have the Holy Spirit or how much off the Holy Spirit has you?

2). Does the Holy Spirit have intellect, emotions, and will like a person? Page 17 and 18

3).What attributes does the Holy Spirit have that are equal to God?
Page 19

4). Is the Trinity one plus one plus one or one times one times one?
     Page 22

5). Can we try praying in the Trinity for our life controlling problem? God the Father, God The Son, And God The Holy Spirit. Remember each has a purpose.